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Radio Advertising

At TV Ads , we know it's all about making sure your target audience not only see and hear your message, but that an impression is made. We will develop a marketing strategy that will allow you to effectively reach the greatest number of potential clients for the least amount of money. Through our many affiliations and partnerships in the industry, we have the ability to offer you some of the finest radio spots at a very competitive price.

Some Facts:

Radio Advertising Facts & Figures
Radio Advertising Facts & FiguresRadio Advertising Facts & Figures Even though competitors like to portray radio as an aging technology, the reality is radio advertising remains an effective tool for reaching consumers in today's fragmented media landscape. Extensive research by the Radio Advertising Bureau reveals a robust weekly audience of radio listeners.

Who's Listening?
Over 92 percent of Americans age 12 and up listen to radio each week, creating an audience of over 235 million listeners. Among 12- to 17-year-olds, who are perceived as not listening to the radio, nearly 90 percent listen weekly.

Where Do They Listen?
The majority of radio listening occurs in cars, with 73 percent of adults age 18 and up listening while driving on a typical weekday. The second most popular location for listening is at home. The number of people listening to commercial radio online now includes nearly 20 percent of the people who listen each week.

What Are They Listening To
There are over 10,000 commercial radio stations in the United States. There are more country music stations in America than any other type with over 2,000 outlets. News/talk is second with 1,375 stations.

Who's Advertising
Major brands such as Verizon, Home Depot, Walt Disney and Burger King are among the top 20 largest radio advertisers. The largest advertising categories for radio include retail, automotive, insurance, restaurants and financial institutions.
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